Our arsenal

Below are all the weapons you can use at our shooting range

The following photos are for illustration purposes only!

Issuance of one weapon, shooting station and instructor's supervision: PLN 35
Shooting target: PLN 2
Additional option – shooting training: PLN 100/45 minuts
A set of safety glasses and earplugs (for those who do not have them) – PLN 15
For people with their own weapons:
 20 m, 25 m, 50 m distance spot: PLN 72/hour + ½ fee for additional people
Spot rental for 30 minutes: PLN 40 + ½ rate for an additional person
Rental of a spot for black powder weapons: PLN 72/1/2 hour.
Shooting target: PLN 2
It is mandatory to wear safety glasses and hearing protection at the shooting range.