Frequently asked questions to our company
1How to get to the shooting range with public transportation?
The shooting range is located 15 minutes long from the Poznań City Center. Public transportation offers wide range of connections. We get off on the bus station near the intersection with Wojska Polskiego and Witosa streets. The bus station is called ‘Wojska Polskiego’.

1. Gołęcin direction – buses number 60, 64, 95, 246. 2. Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy direction – buses number 60, 64, 82, 236. 3. Niestachowska direction – buses number 82, 91, 93, 95. 4. Winiary direction – buses number 91, 93, 236.
2What kind of weapon can I shoot at the shooting range?
Your own weapon or given from our arsenal.
3Can I take a picture with a weapon?
Yes, but only in the place pointed by instructors who lead the shooting.
4Do you accept payments by credit cards?
We prefer cash and cash only.
5Can I add another weapon to a set?
Yes, for extra payment according to the price list.
6Can I eat inside the shooting range?
Yes, we can provide catering especially for organized groups on customer’s wish.
7Do you have discounts for regular customers?
Yes, after the first visit you can use discount cards that offer 10% discount.
8Can I share the set with another person?
The sets are made for customers to make it easier to decide on something. If you want to shoot in the pair or in the groups we will choose a set for you or make a special offer only for you.
9Can I take not used bullet as a souvenir?
Absolutely not. It is punished from 6 months to 8 years in prison.
10For whom is the shooting range?
For everyone who is over 18 years old and has a valid ID.
11Can children shoot on the shooting range?
Yes, but only with a legal guardian. (Father, Mother)
12Can foreigners use the Magnum Shooting Range?
Yes, we only require the ID (ID card, passport, driving license etc.)
13Do instructors speak English?
Yes, we do speak English.
14Can I buy the set as a gift?
Yes, we have a name invitations for shooting range which can be bought at our location. We invite you from Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 20 o’clock and on Saturdays from 12 till 18 o’clock.

In order to realize the gift you need to make an appointment on the phone first. The gift cards are valid for 3 months since the day of purchase.

Shooting is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas Gift, Grandpa’s Day, Father’s Day or Man’s Day.